#3767 by dferg
Thu Jun 13, 2002 10:57 pm
Hey guys, I'd appreciate some help if you have suggestions:

The problem--I flashed my ASUS A7V mb with their aflash.exe utility. It said flashed successfully, but when I rebooted, the monitor never comes out of power save mode and I get no beeps.

I have already tried to hot-swap with a ASUS P5A motherboard. The aflash utility said it was successful, but the A7V still doesn't come alive. I also brought the chip into work where we have a BP Programmer. The programmer flash and verified the contents of the chip after programming, but again the A7V didn't come alive.

I did get some ideas from other messages here. So I'm going to try the following:

1. See if the floppy drive seeks on startup. Maybe I can do the boot block trick..
2. Take out the battery of my CMOS. My A7V doesn't have the clear CMOS jumper populated, so I haven't really tried to clear it yet.

Any other ideas? Can you even flash these chips (on a BP Programmer) with the downloaded *.awd files from ASUS's website? Did I overwrite the bootblock by flashing with the BP Programmer?


thanks in advance,