#9755 by corsair
Sun Oct 20, 2002 1:03 am
i flashed a a7v266 mb with the latest bios flash
from asus. the flash went through and it said it was successful.
(yes it said it!)
but after power off/on no video with
1 long beep
and 2 short ones,
then it seeking floppy drive.
(it does this with or without video card in agp slot.
this video card does work and i used it while i was flashing it.)

i can load dos boot disk and it loads it, i can type in stuff
and it will read the disk.

i have tried reflashing it with typing in uniflash -e oldbios.bin
but no go, uniflash wont flash it.
it runs, it reads bios image, then when flashing continous beeps
indicating error.
i can hit Y on keyboard to retry and N to cancel.
i have even used the -FORCE option with the SST flash chip
model 49LF020. still uniflash doesnt work.

asus aflash.exe seems to hang after you run it so i cant step through
that either. any other programs out there that will force flash this?
i believe its award bios and have tried the awdflash.exe as well with no

im hoping i can revive it since i can load dos boot disk and system appears to respond in that sense.