asus P3bF real sick !

Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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here is my story :
one day the PC turned off by itself .. and i heard a "pop" when trying to turn it on again. Suspecting the power supply to be defective i replaced it.
Now the puter wont start at all : power on led is on , green led on the MB too, hard drive, CPU cooler, attached devices like CD player powered on also EXCEPT floppy unit. And dark screen even with an old ISA bus video card in place of the AGP one.
With another machine ( same MB, same proc) I was able to test the floppy and the CPU : they work fine ( relief!) I also exchange and flashed BIOS chip OK..

Now when i plug the machine i hear a two tones sound ( ambulance like !)
continuous and i coudnt find a reference to it in Award bios bips alerts! am suerely not a musician ! :(
I suspect the Chipset 440BX to be dead ... i cdnt find out what/where to test except two fuses on the MB near power connector but they seem ok.
Very difficult to test without a circuit scheme.
What would be the next step ? waste basket am afraid! but i 'd like to understand how those damned things work 8O
please let me know if you experienced such case and investigation tips
tks in advance
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Looks like the PSU killed both board and HDD. You can check something - check if the onboard voltage regulators work. Check if 3.3V is present on the AGP slot, then check if the 1.5V VTT is present on Slot 1 and also check if VCore is present on Slot 1 (this must be done with CPU inserted, there is no VCore present without CPU). You can find AGP pinout at Slot 1 pinout is in Intel PII datasheets.
Patched and tested BIOSes are at
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