#44089 by Carl2
Thu Mar 08, 2007 11:12 pm
I originaly started with a Gigabyte MB for an Intel P4, after about a year or so it suddenly died. No beeps or video. It was sent back to gigabyte, I replaced the board with an Asus MB and after replacing the CPU it worked. I reciently added some software and replaced the video card on the Asus MB and noticed that the Asus startup screen didn't look right, after startup the display was okay. Everything seemed to work okay but the startup screen bothered me so I went to the Asus website and downloaded the latest Bios for the motherboard. The flash didn't work so I used the one on the MB disk, the flash worked. When I restarted the computer the MB said I was overclocking so after turning off the computer I removed the battery and changed the jumper. A restart gave me nothing. I'm using the computer with another Asus replacement MB and CPU, now the startup screen is okay.
The Gigabyte board was returned with no problem and worked for a few days then stopped working again.
At this time I have 2 dead MB's and 2 bad CPU's, I'm thinking of buying from HP rather than building again. Any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong?