#29027 by Phil H
Sun Jan 09, 2005 3:30 am

I have an Asus Pundit "Barebones" PC. It has a motherboard called a P4S8L (I think HT). I was trying to upgrade using the "intellegent" utility they have that looks at your bios then contacts Asus web site for thr latest appropriate then downloads and automatically flashes the bios. It all went OK until the last part when there was a message saying that it could not validate the load. I tried a couple more times but it still didn't work. On powering up the PC The PC I now find it will not boot and there's nothing on the monitor at all.
Being a barebones PC there's no floppy drive however it looks like the machine is trying to look to the cd rom drive? as it runs for about 30 secs then stops.
Any ideas on how I might fix? Is it likely the boot bock part of the bios will have gone?
I have the original cd with utilities, drivers old bios etc.
I can probably burn disks if requied from other machine I have.