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Here's my BIOs query for you wonderful fixit people:
A week prior to the checksum message described below my PC started up with an extra and unusual message, something along the

lines of: "Primary Bios fail, now booting using secondary BIOS.." Of course I shoud have got help then, but I figured as

long as everything eventually booted, why bother?

After about 7 or so boots like this I got a dreaded checksum error message and could not access anything besides the floppy

drive. A "fundi" told me to flash the BIOS, but I've struggled finding the correct one. Usually the ones I did try either

froze up everything or did not work at all. I downloaded most of the flash utilities from a jetway site.

And unfortunately the Motherboard Utility CD has a flasher for an Amibios chip. Aarrgh!!

Please, please put me one the trail of a flasher that works, or any advice to help my ailing PC!



CPU : AMD Athlon 2000 xp
MotherBoard: Gigabyte GA-7VAX REV1.2, K7 Triton 400, FSB333
First startup screen:
GA-622-32C VGA BIOS rev2.2 Gigabyte VGA Bios
32MB ram AGP4X
Second screen:
Award BootBlock BIOS v1.0 Copyright (c) 2000, Award Software Inc

BIOS ROM checksum error

Detecting floppy drive A media

Drive media is: 1.44 MB

Remove disks or other media
Press any key to restart :cry:
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Check the board if there aren't bulged capacitors around the CPU.
Patched and tested BIOSes are at
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