Award BootBlock wont read floppy

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Hi all, first off the main trouble is the bios can't find the Dos sys. system,
i/o sys.
dos sys.
Without thies,the computer becomes a door stop.

As far as checksum errors go ------it means the bios was not saved---
So if one can get into bios ---write down all your settings---
then set the bios to default---save and exit----
One might have to reset ----

The thing about upgrading the bios is to make sure you don't have an MA
Thies are motherboards the the computer manufacture changes so they can set-up the computer there way----and giong to the maker of the motherboard will result in a bad bios flash
Hope this helps
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What is an MA MOTHERBOARD? I've seen you post this term around the forums but you don't explain what it is.

Please enlighten us with some info (a website or something).
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will explain this way.I have an intel motherboard in an AST computer---
Now AST made changes to the bios----this is called an MA manufacturer altered ----intel made my motherboard but I can't go to them for a bios update---this would be the wrong bios.
To get the right bios for my computer I have to go to AST not intel

If the bios string is not exact you will be updating the wrong bios-----now this is an exception to the rule---some work because they have most of the right bios---maybe only updates you don't need but the basic bios is the same----this is a tricky subject--
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Intel OEM board in AST computer
Patched and tested BIOSes are at
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Rainbow wrote:Intel OEM board in AST computer
original equipment manufacturer was intel --AST changed the bios ---
so going to INTEL would cause a bad flash----how bad remaines to be seen
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I know the original posts were a couple of months ago, but I want to thank you guys. I have an abit VP6 board, right now I only have one PIII 933 and a raid 0+1 setup. I tried to flash my bios to a new hacked version and being the novice that I am, I botched it. I was getting the same check sum error and bios boot block that sandking had posted. Thanks to you guys my mobo lives again. Heres what I did. I created the 720MB floppy and copied the systems files after formating like Rainbow said. Then I inflated a copy of Dr Dos on another floppy to get the autoexecute.bat file and transfered it on the 720MB floppy( you may now of an easier way to get an autoexecute.bat file). Then I put the newist version of awdflash.exe and the lastest bois release FROM ABIT and not a hacked version. I right click on the autoexecute.bat and edit. The only two line that were in there were 1. @echo off and 2. cls so I added a third line.

Example: A:\flashutility biosfile /py /sn /cc /cd

In my case it was A:\awdflash vp6_yt.bin /py /sn /cc /cd

Mind you all this was done on a different computer because mine was dead. After doing all this I rebooted and hoped for the best. After starting the compter read the disk and said Starting windows, then went straight to the award flash utility and reflashed my bios. It rebooted and I went in to the bios to check the settings, I had to change some of the settings because the reverted to default, but everything was there. To make an even longer story short, every thing works great even my raid wasn't lost. Thanks again guys. :mrgreen: :lol: :lol: :D 8)
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