#9803 by idiotek
Mon Oct 21, 2002 2:47 pm
I'll provide a bit of background on this issue first, I would be very greatful for some advice.

My Soyo SY-BB system is running as my server (XP pro/sp1, using Internet Connection Sharing). I recently installed Zonealarm Pro on it, and my client pc's. Whenever I would access an ftp site on a client pc, I would get a BSOD on the server (with message irql_not_less_equal). I tried rebuilding/swapping hardware to no avail. I then flashed the bios with the most current update on Soyo's website: http://soyousa.com/downloads/selectresu ... OS+Upgrade

Now, the board is acting strange. The mouse will stop working every once and awhile, one or both of the pci network cards will 'disappear', and sometimes it just refuses to post.

I backed up my original BIOS before I flashed with awdflash, but when I try to reflash the original bios, I get a file size mismatch error, and it will not flash. I think I must have flashed the wrong BIOS. Something I did notice was that the BIOS I flashed was ~130k, the backup flash is ~340k. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do? Is there a way that I can override awdflash and force the old bios onto the system?


---Regarding the BSOD-ftp error...I tracked this down to Zonealarm Pro...I don't get the ftp-errors when its uninstalled from all the pc's.