#59823 by tinker21
Wed Aug 28, 2013 11:51 pm
I have a Micron DR737 board (aka BCM IN400ZX) and updated to the most recent BIOS found on at the page for this board. There were no issues with the motherboard, except that it did not see large hard drives. http://www.bcmcom.com/tech/IN440ZX/IN440ZX.htm# Windows XP was running fine, and identified large drives properly.

The flash seemed to go perfectly, with no errors. I saved the old BIOS to the floppy disk I used to flash. When I rebooted, there was no video display. I switched to PCI video card, still no display.
I see a jumper between the PCI cards for "BIOS recovery". There are no directions in the user manual (see link above) for how to use this option.

I tried switching the BIOS recovery jumper from the Off position to ON for (with the power cord removed) for about 30 seconds, changed the jumper back, and rebooted - still no video display.

What can I do to get my system up and running again?