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Someone I work with gave me an old motherboard. I was board so i tried to tinker with it a little, but the board is missing the bios chip. I tried to call Procomp (The maker of the board), but they said they couldn't help. I don't know that much about bios chips, so I'm lost. Here's what I do know. The motherboard is a Procomp B587 Ver. 1.2 and it needs a 32 pin DIP bios chip. I know there are a lot of different 32 pin DIPs, some are 5V and some are 12V and so on. Is there any other way to figure out what chip I need other then to call the company. I was able download the bios file and flash utility, but I need a chip to but it in.
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Well, all I can tell you is the BIOS is 128Kbytes, so you need a 1Mbit device. I don't see any mention of a flash program voltage select jumper, so I think you will have to wait for someone with knowledge of the board to come along. Do you have any dead boards you could remove a Flash ROM from ?
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