#53810 by Wallie81
Sat Nov 14, 2009 7:15 pm

I had an Abit KW7 motherboard which suffered a power failure during flashing a new BIOS. Attempts to make Bootblock boot on a floppy have all failed. I fear that hotflashing may be my only hope short of ordering a new chip.
I removed the KW7 BIOS chip, its a Winbond W49V002AP, 234915301, 407GFSA.

I also have an Abit KV7 motherboard handy to attempt a hotflash. This board has a PMC Flash, 0423, Pm39F040-70JC BIOS chip.

My question is, are these at all compatible with eachother?

Can I use the PMC chip to boot up my KW7 board? Or can i flash the Winbond chip in my KV7 board?

Thank you for your time and hopefully someone knows the information I seek.