#30439 by rolandersky
Mon Mar 21, 2005 6:24 am

I have a Columbia III motherboard by Seanix with pentium 3, 550 MHZ.
My bios is Award v.4.51 PG (don't have the string id)

I flased the bios with award utility (awdflash) and I think I flashed the wrong update.

After writing the bios, the utility said to reboot (there was no errors messages).
After rebooting, the hard disk green led flashed continually and I didn't have acces to the
floppy. It was a dark screen and I could do noting :-(

I don't want to remove the bios and replace it wit anoter because te bios is directly fixed on te board.

I know I can reset the CMOS by removing the battery. Do you have sugestions ?