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Hi folks,
here's my problem.
I have a pretty old mobo, lucky star mvp3 with an AMD k6-2. I got a 60 Gg HD but it can't see.

Solution-->Flash upgrade.

I got the .bin, updated...and now i can see the HD. The problem is that it can see only the HD now. No floppy, no serial (my mouse), no PCI cards, no ISA card.

So, as I found another HD that my bios can see,
I decided to come back to the situation I was before (my pc is unuseful right now). I created a bootable cd rom (remember, floppy doesn't work :roll: ) with the old bios file name and with awdflash.exe on. While I try to flash with the old bios i get this error: file size is incorrect.
I'm sure that is the old bios and, as i have 2 copies, they are the same. How can I force awdflash to write this damn .bin ?
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I don't know whether this is why you are getting the error (the error messages are not very good) but I believe you have to use a writeable medium, i.e. you can't flash from write-protected floppy or if the BIOS file is set Read-Only (as it would appear on CD-ROM). Do you have a spare HD you can put it on ?
Alternatively, Uniflash may not have this limitation.

Do you know what your old BIOS ID was and what you flashed ?
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Looks like you flashed BIOS which is not correct for your board. Look what's printed on the board (like 5AMVP3 or 5MVP3).
Patched and tested BIOSes are at
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What's the brand of the motherboard ? Lucky star ?
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5MVP3 is used by at least 3 different manufacturers, so we need a copy of the bios backup in order to find out which one it actually is. Else we'll have to try and identify it first. You did make a backup I hope? If so, send it to and I'll try and find out.

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