#31316 by MarkHorwood
Sat Apr 23, 2005 10:19 pm
Hello there
Firstly i have browsed on this site & found similar issues, however my problem differs from

the others slightly, so i thought i would start a new thread - apologies if we are covering

old ground

I am running a Duron 1.8Ghz chip on ASUS K7SOM+ motherboard (onboard graphics & sound)

When i first booted up i got the 'CMOS IS WRONG' error, so i changed the battery & after

some tweaking this error message stopped appearing (had to restart unsuccesfully a few times

before the message stopped appearing on reboot)

The problem i have now is that PC goes through bios check ok, i can enter BIOS or leave bios check to run & halt when it can't find a Hard Drive, but after a few minutes the monitor dies as though the PC had powered down, but the PC is still on!!!! (This happens in BIOS screen or sitting idle after BIOS check)

I have also noticed that if i leave the pc running, after a further few minutes the pc will switch off (doesn't seem to be consistent though, whilst typing this it has been running for over 10 minutes now?)

Interestingly i also noticed that once the monitor dies i am unable to restart the pc with the reset/restart buttons on the case, which work during bootup process

I have edited the BIOS setting to run the CPU & RAM speed at differant settings (100/100 - 100/133 - 133/133) but this hasn't helped
I've also switched the RAM to a stick i know is working (double checked with two working sticks)
I have also stripped all components to a minimum to stop other conflicts (so no IDE peripherals, PCI/AGP cards, USB devices etc..)

Just before posting this i checked using another monitor, just in case this was the problem - now seems the Bios check is hanging!?!?!?!
(originally checked RAM ok then hung at next stage so i restarted & now hangs checking RAM)
Is the board ready for the bin?

Hope somebody can help me, many thanks in advance