#6130 by bradschaider
Fri Aug 02, 2002 5:27 pm
I am using a J-Mark 720BF motherboard with the SIS620 chipset. The board would post and boot ok, but i need to update the BIOS for complaince issues (upgrading). The flash went ok, or so it appeared. Now when i boot, it POSTs then, checks the RAM, displays all the drives and all of that goes ok. But then when it trys to switches to the next screen (the one that displays a lot of info about your computer... eg. your processor, ram installed, pci cards, IRQs...) it doesn't ever get there. So it never attempts to boot from a device. It will sit there forever... what do i do now? Is that due to a bad flash? i can't flash back cause it doesn't attempt to boot from the floppy or anything, regaurdless of what you set it to in the BIOS. thanks!!!