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:?: I've a dead PC and I want to know what the bios version is because I use a postcodecard. Can I see this on the label of the bioschip? The label saids: AWARD 1998 - PCI/PNP 686 - 284125406. Is there a bios-list for that last number? :?:
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Unfortunately no, that's not a very useful number as it does not relate to the manufacturer. Is there no clue on the board as to the manufacturer or the model ? No useful markings like "PH5" or similar ? All we can say is that from the date it's likely to be an Award 4.51 BIOS - don't they all use I/O port 80h for ISA POST?

If there is nothing, then you need to provide every last bit of info, e.g. chipset, number of PCI/ISA/AGP slots, no of DIMM slots, I/O chip manufacturer so that the range of possible manufacturers can be reduced. If you can post a picture of the board that would help.

If you have a manual for the board, try looking for screenshots of the CMOS setup pages. They usually have a number at the top of each screen, e.g. "2A69KL1AC" which may not be 100% accurate, but is a good clue to the manufacturer if not the model.

BTW, I'll be moving this to "My Motherboard is dead" forum.
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