#17366 by SimplyAltima
Wed Jun 18, 2003 8:38 pm
Ok...I've flash Bios once or twice in my life without issue. Until today. I have a Biostar 7VKS motherboard with a Phoenix Bios chip (D686) and it had an functioning Award Bios before I flashed it (however the computer would lock up from time to time (every time I used it) - hence I decide the bios needed upgrading). Anyhow, my computer boots up - hard drive lights up, floppy drive lights up, but the monitor stays dead. If I hit control-alt-delete, I can reboot the computer and see it boot up again in the same manner. I saved the old bios and want to reload it - since it looks like it reads the floppy drive - but I can find any procedure in this forum which tells you how to do this? Can someone help me? How do I reload with a floppy (Award Bios). Thanks in advance.