#38168 by cuervo1
Sat Apr 15, 2006 9:41 pm
I was trying to install the nvida system drivers from the system C.D. when the computer died.The Power Supply checks O.K. Runs a different computer. The memory checks o.K. in another computer. I am still looking for another board in which to check the Nvida GeForce 6600. My Micro2000 P.O.S.T. card is too old to have the P.O.S.T codes for this Board. My user manual names the B.I.OS. as 4 M.B. flash rom Phoenix- Award flash rom PNP. I have found several sites that have codes that may be for this board but they don't match what I am getting. Can anyone direct me to the proper codes for this board, K8N-DL Rev. 1.03?