#57984 by guferr
Wed Mar 07, 2012 6:13 pm
Hi, my BIOS got corrupted, and the checksum is failing, and because of this it is entering the boot block. I already tried to clean the CMOS memory multiple times, but it doesn't work. I even had disassembled my whole motherboard, everything, i cleaned everything, and let it 8 hours disassembled (with the CMOS jump set to clear), but when i assembled it back, it still was entering the boot block. Because of it it's impossible to enter bios setup to check the bios string or further information.
I already know how to flash it, and i already have the floppy with the flasher ready for it, but already make 7 days that i'm making searches in google and i can't find the .bin file to flash the bios. The closest thing i found was the bios for foxconn S661 series (12/15/2003-SiS-661-6A7I4FK9C-00 ) here in the wimbios's bios updates download page, but there's no link to download it.
My hardware:
dg661-fx 2.0 motherboard (foxconn n15235)
intel pentium 4 EM64T, 3.00 Ghz with hyper-threading
Sis 661fx north bridge chipset
Sis 964 south bridge chipset
1280Mb RAM memory

Could any of you help me finding the .bin file to flash it? all i can find are bios driver updates for windows, i can't find any of those .bin files anywhere.
Thanks. :)