Compaq Armada M700 Dead

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Problem is that laptop will not boot. If battery is removed and laptop is placed on dock, the problem remains.
It seems to be due to a corrupt BIOS upgrade.
The laptop attempts to update the BIOS but fails.
After this all the laptop will do on power on is light the three LEDs and then hang.
It is dead due to no BIOS. Removing CMOS battery and replacing does not help.
This appears to be a common problem according to the HP/Compaq Forum.
Since the board winds up with no BIOS it can go nowhere.
My questions are, does anyone know if replacement BIOS chips are available. Where are they an yhr Motherboard, is it possible to replace them?
Or does anyone here have a solution?
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The M700 can come with 9 different motherboards, ranging in speed from 366mhz to 1Ghz..

All have surface mount BIOS chips.

I don't know of programmer of surface mount BIOS chips in Austrailia, contact me at the link below and we may be able to get you a replacement chip, BUT you'll have to find a way to unmount your old chip and remount the new one with damaging the chip.

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not sure about all Armada laptops, but most have the BIOS on the hard drive not the board...If this is the case then I am not sure there is much hope other then replacing parts. ... g=en&cc=us
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