#54772 by bjorn
Fri Apr 30, 2010 6:03 am
Ok.. So i had a bad bios flash and after not being able to use any fuction including bootblock flashing I decided to order a new flashed PLCC from http://bios-repair.co.uk/

I installed the new chip and powered on the PC but didn't get much further. No beeps etc but it did behave differently compared with the old dead bios chip. The old one would just sit there and do nothing once powered on. The new chip when powered on power cycles the computer constantly like if you were hitting the reset button over and over again.

Is this due to a bad flash/ bad chip or wrong chip? I notice the old one is SST 49LF040 33-4C-NH and the new one is SST 49LF040B 33-4C-NH.

Any comments would be grateful