Corrupted BIOS

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I have an old compaq presario 1270 (AMD K6 330 MHZ) which wasn't in use for a while. I started using it a week ago as a temporary solution for couple months. I upgraded the OS to win2k and thats when he problem started. The laptop wouldn't poweroff completeley. I looked for BIOS updates on the compaq website and found two of them. The first install went on smoothly but during the second somehow the computer rebooted midway (I guess some issue with power supply and the laptop was on ac power only as per instructions)
So now things are in mess. The laptop is all black screen now. On powering up if there is a floppy ddisk it tries to read it for couple seconds but then nothing else. All the lights CAPS, SCROLL , NUM are permanently on. It keeps making the normal noise but can't see anything and it wouldn't reflash the bios from the update disk. I don't have any clue on my BIOS ID string, although i recall it was Phoenix 4.0 rev 6. I think the ID might have started with ALI.. I also don't have the original BIOS which i think the update must have deleted before rewriting.
So what are my options? The update file is not a .bin file (it is exe & bunch of other files). I do have the images of the motherboard but it doesn't have any kind of BIOS string or manufacturer name. Can anyone tell me where can i look for manufacturer name on the motherboard? Anyother info to get out of this mess will be appreciated.
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