#40258 by cmcada
Mon Aug 14, 2006 12:38 pm
can someone help me please i just added a password before boot to my bios and went on holiday came back and found..........i'd forgotten it........stupid i know.
after advice from a friend i ressetted my bios by removing the battery while it was of.
when i came to boot it again no visual came through....i'am using a geforce4 graphics card that my moniter is inputted to as my motherboard has no built in graphics.
ihavre no recovery discs and am pretty newbie when it comes to computers how do i get my settings back?????

i have acces to 2 other pcs of similiar specs if that helps
sum1 plz help

2.8ghz processor
3 disk drives (cd-rw,dvd-rw and a dvd-rom drive)
floppy drive
windows xp pro

p.s. i dont want to send it away anywhere if possible i would like a reboot disk or summit :(