#27760 by mashby
Tue Oct 05, 2004 10:06 pm
I reflash my MSI MS 6334 Ver 1 mobo board with the wrong BIOS and now completely dead, no floppy, CD rom, beep, graphics, nothing.

I tried the MSI web which had file w6334v13.exe but this was for an AWARD BIOS. I tried it but it won't run as it recognised that the PC has an AMI bios. However as I could not find an AMI bios for this mobo I used the file 6326v15.exe which has killed everything.

I bought a new BIOS chip asking for an AMI BIOS but got an AWARD v1.3 whih still does not work. The only difference is that with the new chip the PC will power down with the power switch, as with the wrong AMI BIOS it would only power up & nothing else.

I have cleared CMOS, removed battery etc. Any ideas.

I cannot believe that flashing the 6326v15.exe file has damaged the mobo. (THis file is clearly for a MS 6326 mobo which is also fitted with a Intel 815 chipset like my mobo.