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Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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I accidently flashed the fore mentioned board with the wrong bios now when I turn on the computer all I get is a beep and the cd-rom lights up and the hard drive starts. The monitor remains black and the board does not seem to access the floppy drive. I have the old bios and the correct new bios, is there any way to get the board to the bootblock bios as mentioned in other posts. Please Help!!
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If you have cleared the CMOS and the default boot sequence is HDD, CD-ROM you are a little stuck. Can you try an ISA video card to see if the BIOS talks to it ?
Otherwise you will need access to another machine, either to "hot-swap flash" (see main site FAQ #29) or to create a bootable hard disk you can turn into a DOS boot disk with an autoexec.bat file which will start the flash program when put into your machine. You probably cannot create a boot CD because for some reason the BIOS file is usually required not to be read-only - maybe Rainbow's "uniflash" at does not require it to be.
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