#27774 by calculon0
Thu Oct 07, 2004 4:24 am
I have a Epox 8rda+ motherboard, bios chip pmc pm49L002 that doesn't work. I tried flashing the bios but used the wrong file.

I have tried all the solutions in this forum. First I tried putting awdflash.exe (v8.33) with the image file on a floppy. The boot block can recognize it, but it just freezes after it brings up the awdflash screen. Lower versions (awdflash 8.24F) will run the flash program, but will never flash the chip. It will freeze when it shows the progress bar.

I have tried awdblock, but I can never get DOS to boot. It will recognize awdblock (renamed to awdflash) and start loading MS-DOS, but it will never give me a command prompt. I have tried putting "uniflash -e 8rda4729.bin" in the autoexec.bat file and it never works. I have tried it with different versions of DOS (off of www.bootdisk.com) and none will give me a command prompt or start uniflash.

Please help.