#20340 by ekimarcher
Mon Oct 13, 2003 8:29 pm
I have a AMD Duron 1.2 Ghz
GA-7KVML Motherboard
~350Mb of RAM
40Gb HDD
AMI Bios
and a dead machene. I was reloading this computer for my buddy and when I wen to flash the bios because it was soo old I wnet onto the internet with my other computer and I get about 3 different copies of the instructions for flshing the BIOS. I followed then flawlessly. Everything went perfect. but the when it told me to reboot I did and it never came back it just went to a black screen and then the signal from the computer cut out. Now everythime I go to try to boot ti up all it does is starts the CD and looks at the HDD I think and then just sits there making a lot of noise but not doing anything. I have checked the HDD and the CD and the Floppy and they are all working fine.

what do I do ?????? help me pleese[/quote]