#50815 by orion pax
Thu Oct 23, 2008 3:06 am
I am having trouble with a gateway. It belongs to my friend and I am trying to fix it for him. When he had it, the monitor would say no input. And the computer would beep 3 times. Then it would look like its trying to load or something. But nothing on the screen. Then he brings it to me and it works PERFECTLY with out a hitch. A month or so later (didnt have time to return to him, so he picked it up on his time) we take it back to his house and hook it up and its doing the same thing. I know on other computers when they beep right after being turned on its the bios or motherboard telling you that something is wrong. Its an error code. But I cant find any info about the bios other than its South Lake or luxembo something another. Any suggestions about it?