#35102 by snowgoose
Fri Nov 18, 2005 7:02 pm
Browsed through this forum for few hours...still I have some questions..
(Sorry for the long post..)

I have Gigabyte 8IPE1000 MB with Intel 2.4C CPU, Kingston 256Mbx2 CL3 (dual channel), Gigabyte 6600GT AGP.
I got into this BootBlock situation when I installed two new Dimms of 256Mb into the 2 empty slots of dual channel memory. I noticed (afterwards) that the CL of the new memory modules is 2.5 (when the other 2 are CL3) could that be the reason for the BIOS corruption ?

When I powered up the PC (after the installation of the new memory) I got the "BIOS auto-recovering..." message endlessly
I cleared the CMOS by jumper and battery and removed the new memory dimms, no use..
I disconnected the IDE drives and then I got the following message:
Award BootBlock 1.0"...
"Scanning BIOS Image in Harddrive.".
"Could not find BIOS Image on Harddrive or Diskette"

The CDROM drive LED lights for a few seconds, the floppy drive LED doesn't...
Tried bootable CD with all possible flash programs (awardflash, uniflash and others...), no use
Didnt tried bootable floppy cause I cant create one currently, but since the LED doesnt light I guess that it will not help either...

Does it mean that I need to buy a new MB ?
Do you all BIOS experts have any idea what else could I do ?