#38957 by doomgaze
Thu May 25, 2006 8:20 pm
Well I was playing around with some fsb settings and my corrupted my bios. Yes, cmos is cleared, it's definitly the bios.

Anyways, here's where I'm getting stuck at. The ABIT NF7 has a winbond bios chip, W39V040AP(LPC), size 512. I'm trying to hotflash in a biostar board, an M7NCG 400 v7.2, and it's bios chip is a PMC, PM49FL002 (LPC/FWH).

At first I couldn't get it to work at all with awdflash, then I found out about uniflash. I gave it a shot, and it properly detected by chip types, and would start to flash my corrupt winbond chip, but the system would lock up near the end. I then realize uniflash says it might not work with nforce2 chipsets.

So I searched for more help, and found out that awdflash may work with the /qi or /f options. Well, I used /qi first, and it actually claimed to have flashed the entire bios, however the NF7 still refused to POST. So I tried again with the /f option, it also appeared to have flashed, but same deal, NF7 wouldn't POST.

Then I ended up here, reading a post claiming that FWH chips can't be flashed in non-FWH motherboards. Then I read a contradicting post saying that all nforce2 based boards support FWH.

So now I have a few questions about this whole bios chip stuff.

Should it be possible to do what I'm trying to do?
What the hell is FWH/LPC?
If I buy a new bios chip (if mine is dead) will any PLCC chip work as long as it can hold 512?

Thanks for any help.