#35769 by cpu_rookie
Thu Dec 29, 2005 1:09 am
hi im not exactly the most computer literate as far as hardware comes particularly for laptops but a spare laptop has died on me and i need to fix it asap for someone.

this is the following error upon boot up 08611 then following testing hardware components I discovered the following systemboard error dev 086 err 22 fru 0010.

The individual using the pc said the trackpoint stop working and so he installed a mouse and then the pc stop working all together. I have searched online for troubleshooting and haven't found any concrete solutions. I plan on doing reparations myself since giving it in for servicing would be too costly. The unit is old and really isn't worth putting much moneyinto. So if anyone has had this problem or knows any step by step instructions to fix this it will be greatly appreciated.