#20776 by Traven
Fri Oct 31, 2003 3:22 pm

I would be grateful for any help as I ave a dead motherboard following an attempted BIOS upgrade. Everything was fine until I bought a new HDD (40GB) which wouldn't work following installation (not found during POST), seemed my BIOS was the problem (?32GB limit) looking at this and other sites on the web. The motherboard is a TMC TI5VG+ with Award BIOS. The TMC website had no BIOS upgrades but I found one through this site. After running the Flash program it hung while saving my BIOS settings to file (I waited an hour before switching off!).

Now when I turn on I get continuous beeps, no hard drive light and no floppy drive light (or access) and nothing on the screen. I've tried clearing CMOS - but still the same. :cry:

Any suggestions - my BIOS chip does appear to be removable. Are these firms that you find on the net advertising BIOS upgrades/repairs a way to go or is there a DIY solution.

Thanks in anticipation for your help