DFI LanParty Pro - Intel 875 chipset

Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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set CPU clock to 400MHz, now my computer wont even start up. Nothing appears on my monitor. HELP!

2gb PC 3500 ram
3.2 ghz processor w/ HT enabled

found no reason that this setting wouldnt work so i decided to try it. big mistake...need computer for school tomorrow...
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Clear CMOS (see the manual).
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Some boards like Abit doesnt support 400 MHz although they supports 533 and 800, so maybe your board is one.

Check your Manula to be sure
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Is your RAM labelled PC3200 (PC500?) and NOT 200MHz or 400MHz. If it is labelled as MHz rather than PC3200 it may not be true PC3200 RAM.

Also, have you good quality memory? I usually stick to Hynix or Kingston, but apparently Kingston is have some problems at present. I have also used PQI which seems to be fine except that I have not yet tried it on a good range of models and brands of boards to be sure.
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