#7888 by bucketbake
Thu Sep 12, 2002 7:13 pm
goin thru the process, checked ur guide at gigbite too just to be sure.

jumper set to allow flashin, doesnt seem to be any protection there after in any of the advanced chip settings.

Insert floppy with latest Award version, the copyed system files and updated bios k7vza32.e

... backup old bios, But then i dont get the option to update bios i get a message error instead saying 'cannot find source file'.

buggered if i know where im goin wrong..... and what is DOS mode anyway?

christ i think i may have it, Im not unzipping the new Bios file first am i :roll: :idea:

.. at least reply to tell me i've been stupid, will let u know how i get on