#41803 by tikbalang
Fri Oct 27, 2006 4:21 am
ecs p4s5a/dx v5.1

i was browsing the internet with this pc when the display suddenly died. the power led and fans remained ON though. when i rebooted it would always hang at POST. if ever i get into the bios setup, it would hang before i could save. there were no beep codes, even when the ramsticks are removed.

- psu is ok, all fans are working
- reseated everything
- removed everything and tested on another pc, all ok
- caps look ok from top
- cmos cleared, battery replaced

when troubleshooting, i noticed the active led on the floppy are ON, but that's before i read about AMIBOOT. now, when i start it up, it won't POST anymore.

can i still revive this board?