Epox shuts down before POST screen

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Hi Ppl,

last chance somebody here got an idea.
I got an Epox 8K3A+ Board. I just bought a second cpu (2000+) for it.
it worked fine for an hour.. but while the WinXP installation he shutdown and wont reboot anymore.. not even POST!
ok... so before that shutdown i got sam cpu temperature problems... my cpu cooler seems to be to weak for the cpu ... but it workd and he ran between 60-65 C° ....
i tested everything on the board except cpu cause i cant. the motherboard was even checked professionaly and had no errors 2 days ago.

When i start my System ... i gets power... runs the first processes and then shutdown after 5sec ! with 2 or 3 beeps

the code i got on my Diagnose LED is .:


but i checked 3 diffrent memorys .. no problem with the RAM .. shouldnt be a problem with the VGA card ... and it can not be the CPU cause i now tried two .. my odl 1800+ and the new 2000+ .... or does the mainboard burn my cpus constantly ? :I

any ideal .. im at the end .. this is the biggest shit i ever got into ..... so much money i have already spendet.. cause after the MB check i thought CPU would be crashed . and bought new one.. can the cpu be dead again :((

thats preety all information i got... the beep tone i could try to get .. .but its only 2-3 beebs and then shutsdown .. i dont know too much codes where the machine simply shuts down !? : (

thanks in advance ... !!!!

best regards

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Are you sure that the PC [edit] ^h^h CPU [/edit]cooling fan is plugged into the correct connector ? If not, or if the fan speed is too low, you may get these symptoms.
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mh ... thats something i didnt test yet ! .. the fan is installed properly.... and i get the same error when i try to start the computer without the fan ! : (
but i could try another fan ....
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