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Tue Jan 02, 2007 7:47 pm
HI all!!

The flashing went wrong. The last block was WRITE FAIL. Now my bios is corrupted. It didn't work because i found out the the VOLTAGE of the NVRAM battery was 700MV instead of 2.8V. TOO LATE!!

My board is

DFI NFII Ultra infinity
BIOS DATE 11/27/2003
I get the file ; NF2UIDB24.zip (latest update on DFI website)

Wath do i do with corrupted bios?? I heard about HOTFLASH.

Is that dangerous for the Mainboard???

Could i HOTFLASH if i take an ABIT NF7-S rev2 just for booting to the floppy and then removing the ABIT bios, inserting the DFI bios and flash that scrap???

Sorry but i'm confuse on FLASHER software. Wich one should i use??

I also heard about copying a AUTOEXEC.BATCH on a floppy with the flasher soft and bios file. It says to enter the line AWDFLASH_name of file
in the .BATCH file.

Wath exectly do i need to WRITE in that AUTOEXEC file??

I would appreciate your help and tanks a lot!!

Waiting for new bios...
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