#54791 by tchevski
Thu May 06, 2010 11:40 pm

First, the original problem:

I bought a new monitor (a Dell IN1910N widescreen) but found that my display was stretched horizontally and I had no display settings which would make any difference.

Steps taken in an attempt to fix:

- Downloaded UniVGA3 driver from SIS (v3.91 would not install for some reason so I installed v3.90). This provided numerous display modes but most only allowed me to scroll the desktop.

- Next I researched the issue on these forums and concluded my BIOS needed to be updated/patched. I therefore downloaded sp26627.zip from this site. Running flash.exe didn't work so I discovered (from another forum) that I could run part of the installer process from the official sp26627.exe provided by HP. I could then replace the 315.rom file found in my temp directory, with the amended 315.rom file provided in the files from this site. The flash process then proceeded without issue.

Problem now being experienced:

- Windows starts fine, but the system reboots completely after a couple of minutes. If I enter safe mode, it does not reboot.

I have tried re-flashing with my backed up rom. I have also tried running the installer process from the officially downloaded sp26627.exe. Neither have made a difference.

I have also tried rolling back to an earlier restore point in windows, before I started any of this. Still no joy.

If anyone can help to guide me on this problem I will be VERY grateful.

System details:

Compaq Presario SR1439UK
Motherboard: PX630AA-ABU (I believe that I found this to be a K8S-LA or "Salmon")
BIOS Type: Phoenix-Award
BIOS ID: 10/19/2005-SIS-760-6A7I7A09-00-None
Chipset: SIS 760 rev 2

Many thanks in advance!