#25936 by ruelnov
Tue Jun 08, 2004 2:55 pm
Any ideas on how I could force boot block to execute so I could recover my dead system?

I just need boot block to search the floppy, and I could take it from there even if there's no video. Please help. I'm willing to try any possible workaround before I throw this motherboard into the garbage can.

My W49F002U bios chip is soldered into mb, so I think we could not talk about "hot flash" or a "replacement bios".

But any ideas on the set of keys to hold down while booting to force boot block in AWARD BIOS? If not, does shorting 2 high address pins work with W49F002U bios chip to force a checksum error? If so, which pin numbers?

Problem details:
1. Correct image file of Award v6 was flashed successfully without overwriting boot block (using /sb switch in command line), but I simply forgot to put back the xgroup module into the bios file before reflashing.
2. No video, no beeps, no floppy seek on boot up.
3. Bios chip is soldered into motherboard.
4. System chipset = SIS 630E, Processor = Intel Pentium 3