#56216 by biosHELP!!!
Wed Jan 19, 2011 2:00 am
This is what i did and what is happening now
I flashed my bios due to compatability issues
Flash seems to have failed so i did this:

1) After the initial flash I get this screen upon power up: Award BootBlock BIOS v1.0 Bios ROM checksum error Insert system disk and press enter.

2) I created a bootable stiffy disk

3) I downloaded the correct .bin file for my bios as well as the utility to flash it

4) I then booted the computer

5) It boots off the stiffy and i get a prompt A:\>

6) I type dir and get a list of the files on the stiffy, them being command.com BIOS file.bin and AWDFLASH.exe

7) I then type AWDFLASH 49GW1P65.bin /py/sn/cc/cd/cp/wb (As instructed on the Foxconn website)

8) The flash utility loads

9) The table with bloacks on that show the write process comes up briefly

10) I then get this message: Flash ROM is Write-Protected Please make sure whether lockout jumpers is set to correct or not

11) I have not moved any jumpers since the first flash and so i dont understand how it is now suddenly protected.

12) I did move the jumper labeld TBL or sumthing in the manual but it made no difference so i returned it to its original position

Any help would be greatly appreciated..

I managed to find this topic9006.html
but can not identify the jumper he is reffering tp

any help would be greatly appreciated