#44162 by Suzueya
Thu Mar 15, 2007 6:52 am
I bought 2 of these boards, and got a third one free, because the seller of one of the other two threw it in "dead" from a bad bios flash. I got the other two to boot w/ some difficulty, had to use PCI cards initially before they would pickup an AGP card.

EDIT : Note, still have one more of these boards on the way, (not yet arrived).

Because I want to use adapter sockets to run 1.4Ghz P3S Tualatins on them, I went to Gigabyte's site to download the latest bios. There were 4 versions there for the GA-6VA7+. F2, F4, F7, & F8. I downloaded the F8 version and flashed my 2 good boards. After flashing them, I rebooted each board and they seemed to be working ok. I also took the chip out of one of them to see if it would get the third board to work. (It did not.)

The following day none of the three boards would boot. No video, no sound, nothing except that the keyboard and fans powered up. Checking the mobo manual, I found a notice at the back of the manual advising users before bios flashing to check whether their board was equipped w/ an AMI bios, or an Award bios. It seems they used both. Checking the downloadable bioses at Gigabyte, I found that the F2 was an Award bios w/ an Award flash exe program, while the F4, F7, & F8, were all AMI bioses w/ an AMI flash exe program, though the name of the flash exe did not indicate that.

All 3 boards came equipped w/ Award chips, and though I have no idea what the first dead board originally had for a bios, the other two were F2, and F7 respectively. That would apparently indicate that it is possible to run the F7, (AMI), bios on an Award chip.

I want to run the F8 for best support for my Tualatins, and my question is what do I have to do to get these boards working again? (The first dead board came w/ 3 bios chips, 2 of which came from "Bad Flash", which apparently did not solve the problem.)

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.