Gigabyte GA8-IPE1000 BIOS dead after successfull flash

Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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:( With @bios I´ve flashed my GA8-IPE1000 under WinXP and after a restart I only get an error-message "Award BootBlock 1.0"... "Scanning BIOS Image in Harddrive.". Shortly after it reads: "Could not find BIOS Image on Harddrive or Diskette". And that´s it. Maybe I was to stupid, because I used it with an NFTS Drive, now I changed the Filesystem to FAT32 with another PC via PQ Magic 8, but still nothing. I can´t get the floppy drive to work with this "Alt F2" thing, and the BIOS won´t accept any floppy drives at all to look for the correct bios file. Please, any ideas?
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:( We have the same problem..... unlucky my board already used for 1 year and out of warranty now........
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Please be more descriptive...

The floppy drive's LED doesn't even turn on?
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