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Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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Hallo I've tried to flash my vtech mb600nd with a new bios but I missed the i/o chip specs so I ended up with a wrong bios in my chip :( I tried to boot from a floppy but it doesn't reconise it so tried to boot from a old harddrive with dos but it hangs after a while.....
Now I just recieved a spare board with a working bios so I wonder how hot swapping works and what the risks are? when I pull my chip is it likely to be damaged or are the risks higher in putting in the other chip?

please some info of experience please (or other usefull suggestions :)

djacco :)
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The chip will not be damaged if you first carefully remove it with power off and then place it into the socket (don't push it). Then you can easily remove it while the power is on and replace with the other one (triple check correct orientation before inserting the chip! - the most common cause of dead chips is inserting it the wrong way).
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