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#36312 by Neelakantan
Mon Jan 23, 2006 11:26 pm
HELP Needed urgently! mr kuriakj. ( hope this is the right forum!)

(please refer to the jetway 7zxan 40 gb hdd post in the forum hard disk not recognised)

i did the flashing of the bios with the patched beta version given; the flash went well and i got the message " Please remove the floppy and press F1 to reset"

accordingly i removed the floppy and pressed F1 and the MACHINE RESTARTED WITH WHIRRING SOUNDS AND BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH; i tried using a ide s3 card for video instead of the original intel video agp card; but still of no use;

how to recover now; i have done the back up of the original bios in a file called oldbios.bin; i used the tiny
switch and the file is about 300 kb!
when i restart the machine, i get a long beep followed by two short beeps

can i reflash the original bios ( the 300 kb using an autoexec.bat file?) if so what is the procdure?

desperately waiting to know if something can be done! as i believe the machine boots with key board lighting up initally and the drives being idenfitied (with their lights) and boot floppy whirring and then the long beep with two short beeps! (as far as i can recognisw!)