#3035 by kclim528
Thu May 30, 2002 10:10 am
i got a Gigabyte mobo that dead because of the DMI data problem... So, i'm thinking of reflashing the bios chip but fail to rescue the mobo... And now, i just bought a same model of mobo and hoping that the data inside will help... At first i'm thinking of testing the faulty mobo, so i unplug the bios chip from the working mobo and tested it on the faulty one... Amazingly, it works and manage to get into the BIOS... however, when i try to boot into the harddisk... i saw the message:
Updating the DMI data..............................

than the mobo dead again :cry: ... the worst case is that the originaly working bios chip now fail to boot the new mobo also.... help! i really need help from all the expert here...
May i know where the DMI data hide? in the bios chip or somewhere in the mobo? i saw there is an option -cd in the awdflash.exe that stated to clear the DMI data after flashing... will that help or it's going to damage i third mobo :x :x ? How about the DMI configuration tools? Will that help if i can get some other data from the same mobo of my friend?

from Penang, Malaysia