Help with my Acer Veriton M265 BIOS upgrade

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Hello everybody!
I'm having a big problem and i could really use some help from all the experts here. I recently bought a second-hand Acer Veriton M265 desktop computer so i could play some LAN games with my son. It came with windows 10 x64 pre-installed and everything was working fine. I decided to downgrade the OS to windows 7 and update the computer bios so i downloaded the latest one from acer's page using the SNID written on the stamp on the side of computer. I got to the bios update page ok and downloaded what seemed the most recent one and proceeded to update the bios on windows using the program inside the zip file. I tried a few times and always told me it had some id error (i don't remember exactly anymore) so i searched for the program options and forced It to update. Apparently it went ok but when the computer restarted, i got a BIOS checksum error and won't allow me to boot to windows (or any other drive so i could flash the bios again with the old one that worked). Apparently everything is working fine and i can enter the bios and check the new version number, change settings etc, but when i restart i get the same error. I tried removing the battery and used a brand new one, but no luck. I also tried changing the bios settings to the defaults but nothing. Even changed the jumper settings on the board but i still get the same error: "CMOS Checksum Bad". Can anybody here please advise me on what i should do next? Thank you so much for any help on this!
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Usually this happens if you are not executing the utility Run As Administrator from within Windows.

Given this was delivered with Windows 10 and you only used Acer's bios upgrade tool, you should still have some sort of warranty from Acer. So I suggest you contact their tech support people for an exchange or additional support.

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