hot swapping question

Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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i have an epox ep-mvp4f with bios chip winbond (w29c020) flash file size 256 k which flashed wrong and now nothing appear on the screen

and i have an acorp 6bx/via/zx86 with bios chip (at4f002t) flash file size 256 k

can i make hot swapping for the epox with the acorp
please tell me the correct flash utility
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Boot the acorp then swith Flashrom and reflash the Epox chip
Use Uniflash
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i don't have for you a sollution mister but i have a question
because i have same problem and i try to make hot swapping
first i have to know how to do step by step
if you have time to do this email me @
thanks even in the worest cases
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