#19732 by ngox
Sun Sep 21, 2003 12:19 am

I have some question.

recently I misflash my mvp3 (super 7 PcPartner with Award bios) mobo due to confusing 2 .bin file in 1 bios update. Can I just use another bios (I believe it's mvp3 too but slightly different mobo layout) to boot up my pc and then flash it using my original backup bin? Since I don't think I had enough courage to do hotswaping.

Pcpartner posting in their website that my mobo use 2 Mbit bios. How can I tell that the other bios can be compatible with my original bios? Is it the serial number?

Can I just hotswap bios ( viarena technique ) using totally different kind of mobo / bios but had the same kind of socket?

I really hope this will work. Thank you for your kind concern