#4679 by suriterrier
Wed Jul 03, 2002 3:48 am
I came across a mainboard which needed an upgrade with dimm and hdd.
I flashed with Uniflash which gave me the option to save the old BIOS.
I flashed the board with a wrong BIOS (from Luckystar). The board is now dead. When tried to hotflash with the saved BIOS I got an error which stated that I couldn't read from floppy. The BIOS was saved but couldn't be read due to either filecorruption or diskerror.
The information I got before the flashing was the following:
05/15/97-i430VX,UMC8669-2A59GH2BC-00. On the board 555 ver 1.41.
I think it's a Shuttle HOT-555 3 ISA 3 PCI. Searching for the original BIOS.
Thanks in advance