#49040 by TheFlax36
Sat Apr 26, 2008 1:49 pm
I forgot to write down my bios string b4 I Downloaded the Intel express Bios update for my motherboard. It says Intel (e210882) D865GLC/D865PESO/D865PCD on the motherboard.
So I just downloaded the current express bios update for it,(any other time I have downloaded and used the express bios update ,if it was the wrong one it would say no supported hardware found & exit.) this went through the express update and restarted my system now my Board is dead & trying the boot from the CDrom/Floppy for recovery.

I have downloaded different versions of the recovery bios (.bio) file,such as
p11-0049,p18-0044,and a few others.

put it on a blank floppy and it reads it for a sec then either beeps 5 times and retrys looking for something. (over and over) or will beep 2 times then like 4 times and repeats checking floppy for something and repeats. over and over.

what can I do to save this board?
please anyone?

I thought the express update would check the current bios out and wouldnt not attempt a flash if it was upgrading with the incorrect bios.